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Toyota key fob


The pace of life throughout Burlington can be quick and when your Toyota key fob dies, your long day just got longer. All you need is a total Toyota key replacement or a simple Toyota key fob battery replacement! At Woburn Toyota in Woburn, our service team has you covered. Down below, we’ll cover what to do when you need to replace your Toyota key fob or the Toyota key fob battery.



Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement

If you notice your Toyota key fob suddenly stops working while you’re out in Stoneham away from home, you most likely need a Toyota key fob battery replacement. To identify the Toyota key fob battery you need, you must open your case. For newer Toyota models, pull out the hidden key and insert it into the slot to open the case. For older models, insert a small,thin object in the notch of the case to pop open. Then continue with these steps:

  1. Open your Toyota key fob by inserting your key (newer models), fingers, or a thin but strong object in the designated notch or slot.
  2. Once the case is open, carefully lift the circuit board to see the Toyota key fob battery.
  3. Notice the placement and type of key you have. Most use a CR2032 as their Toyota key fob battery. Visit our parts center and order yours online.
  4. Insert your Toyota key fob battery replacement then close the case.
  5. Test your key fob, be sure to readjust the battery if it’s not working. Schedule a service appointment if you need a Toyota key relplacement.

Need a Toyota Key Replacement?

If you broke, damaged, or lost your Toyota key fob, you will need a Toyota key replacement. If the Toyota key fob is damaged, your local Reading Toyota service tech can cut a new key for you. If your Toyota key fob battery case is broken, you might just be able to get a new case if the hardware inside is undamaged. If you’ve damaged the Toyota key fob battery and case beyond repair, you will need a whole Toyota key replacement.

Toyota Key Fob Replacement

Feel free to contact us at Woburn Toyota if you’re having trouble doing your Toyota key fob battery replacement, we’d be happy to help with the process! Learn more of our service tips today such as how to jump-start a car and more.


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