Lease Return

Your Options at the End of Your Lease

Drivers in the Boston area who need to return a leased car can choose from a few options. And no matter what you want to do at the end of your lease, Albrecht Auto Group is here for you. Here are the options available to our customers near Woburn and beyond:

Woburn Toyota

1. Return Vehicle/Terminating Lease Process:

We make the return of your leased vehicle easy.

  • 1. Simply complete the online form below and make an appointment to return your vehicle to the dealership.
  • 2. Upon arrival at the dealership (bring all sets of keys), our lease end specialist will perform a brief inspection, print the necessary forms to sign and you’ll be on your way in minutes.
  • 3. Take advantage of the Albrecht Lease Loyalty Rebate ($1,000) towards the lease of one of our latest models.
  • 4. You can also use the $1,000 AAG Lease End Credit towards remaining lease payments, over mileage, or damage on your leased vehicle.


Woburn Toyota Dealership

2. Lease End Purchase/Lease Maturity Buyout Process:

We make the lease buyout process easy.

  • 1. Simply complete the online form below and make an appointment to visit the dealership.
  • 2. We will determine your lowest possible buyout value and actually pay the residual or buyout amount on your behalf.
  • 3. We can arrange financing for you or you can pay cash for the vehicle.
  • 4. We offer certification on your vehicle as well as service contracts to protect against future repair costs now that your vehicle is beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 5. We offer free multi-point vehicle inspection to determine if your vehicle requires any recommended maintenance or repairs now that you’re going to own your vehicle.
  • 6. We will secure the vehicle’s title from the leasing company, complete all paperwork to title the vehicle in your name as well as arrange registration and payment of sales tax for your purchased vehicle.
  • 7. Complimentary inspection sticker once your vehicle is State inspected and you’ll be on your way with your now owned vehicle.


Woburn Toyota Dealership

3. Lease Extension Process:

We can find the best solution for a lease extension.

  • 1. Simply complete the online form below and make an appointment with one of our lease end specialists.
  • 2. Our specialists can talk through your unique lease end scenario and provide options for extending your lease.
  • 3. Our team will discuss your expiring warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lease Returns

What are my lease end options?

  • End the Lease: You can choose to visit one of our locations, and you can turn in your leased car. One of our specialists will do a quick inspection and can get you on your way.
  • Lease a New Car: When your lease is up, you can turn in your car and take advantage of a Albrecht Lease Loyalty Rebate toward your next lease. You can explore our extensive inventory to find the next SUV, sedan, or truck you want to lease.
  • Lease End Purchase: If you’ve been enjoying driving your current leased vehicle around Westwood or Norwood and you’d like to keep it permanently, we can help you purchase it. We can help you through the process of having the leasing company turn over the title, and we can also offer a free inspection to determine if your vehicle is due for maintenance.
  • Lease Extension: If you think you’d like to drive your leased car for a little bit longer, our financing team can help you understand your options for extending your lease.


What do I bring to the dealership?

  • Keys
  • Owners Manual & Vehicle Registration
  • Drivers License
  • Inspection Report (if applicable)
  • Lease Agreement (if applicable)


Do I have to turn in my vehicle at the dealership I leased it from?

No! We at Albrecht Auto Group can take your lease regardless if you leased it from us or not!


Lease Return

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Woburn Toyota is not responsible for title issues, excess miles or damage owed on the vehicle. The person or persons turning in their lease are responsible for additional charges owed
on the vehicle. Lease buyouts do not apply to Ford/Lincoln leases at this time. Woburn Toyota must be able to terminate your lease. Up to $1,000 will be applied to any outstanding balance
based on the condition of the vehicle. See Woburn Toyota for complete details.
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