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Nitrogen Tire Inflation





Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Let's talk about Nitrogen Tire inflation. What is Nitrogen, and why do experts claim it's better to have Nitrogen filled tires than air filled tires? Nitrogen is a dry inert gas, while oxygen has moisture from humidity. Oxygen molecules are much smaller than nitrogen molecules, so oxygen sneaks out of your valve stems at a much faster rate than Nitrogen gas. Your tires will hold Nitrogen gas longer than standard air, giving you more stable tire pressure over a longer time. Manufacturers don't really like regular air in your tires because the moisture expands and shrinks with temperature and humidity, so your tire pressure is never constant using just air. Even when you switch to Nitrogen, the Nitrogen will leak out eventually, but not as quick as regular air. You might ask then, since air is made of about 21% Oxygen, and about 77% Nitrogen already, why not just use air? Won't I still get the benefits of Nitrogen? Again, the experts claim that this 21% portion that has oxygen will leak out faster and is not as stable as 100% pure Nitrogen. Ideally tire makers want your tires remain at constant pressure. But this does not happen in the real world. Remember the Ford Explorer rollover controversy a few years ago? Tires would blow up on hot days and Explorers would flip over. Some of these tires might not have failed had they been using Nitrogen, and the tire pressure would have been more stable, and the tires would not have all that mechanical stress from constant expansion and contraction. Some people don't believe there is an advantage to using Nitrogen, claiming there is not much difference between air and Nitrogen.

How does Nitrogen make your life better?

Because you have more stable tire inflation, you'll get better gas mileage, your Nitrogen filled tires will last longer, and you'll have better vehicle handling. The vehicle will handle better because the tire pressure will always be constant at the manufacturer's recommended inflation level, just like the car maker wants it to be. You will be driving in the recommended inflation level all the time. Usually when you buy tires you can request Nitrogen and they use green caps on your valve stems to indicate that you have Nitrogen filled tires.

    • Nitrogen will stabilize your tire pressure by keeping the air pressure stable for longer periods of time especially in the cold weather or very hot weather.
    • The molecules in nitrogen are larger than oxygen.

So again less air loss which keeps stable air pressure.

  • When you have stable air pressure, you will have longer life of tires because they will wear properly and less dry cracking on the inside of the tire.

-No moisture in the tire will keep the tire pressure sensor from corroding.
-Fuel efficiency because of stable tire pressure